The Belle a' Bellamena
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The Belle a' Ballymena

Composed By Malachy Duffin
Published By Aonar Music

the belle a’ bellamena                

well, a’ve buckarooed in buckna, flung the flayle in kells,
cullybackey and carniny a’ve seen some pretty belles.
a’ve axed in aughafatten where the praties fairly grow,
but the fairest maid i e’er did see was at the bellamena show.

oh, the belle a’ bellamena, boys, is an awful dacent sod,
the belle a’ bellamena, boys, is lovely too begod.
well i’ve seen the belles in fine regail from broughshane up tay clough
but the belle a’ bellamena, boys is the fairest of them all.

them cutties up in cloughmills think they’re very smairt
but they wudn know the differs ’tween a donkey and its cairt.
they wudn howl a cennle tae my lil frae harryville,
as she window-shaps in church street sure me heart it gets a thrill.

well, we tuk a stroll in the ‘people’s park’ wan sundae in july,
when i made some advances ‘no go’ was her reply.
‘this canoodlin’ on a sundae ye know’s agin the law’,
and she gave me an awful scud in the lug and she nearly broke me jaw.

an’ lil she’s intae polytiks in a most peculiar way
’cause she’s red, green or orange just dependin’ on the day.
she can turn her han tae onything, the lambeg, harp or flute,
an’ the way she digs with ether fut a think she’s rather cute.

sez i: ‘i’d love to marry’, sez lil: ‘well, gonahead
for no silver-talkin’ divil wud ever get me in his bed.
see, i’m intae gospel music, you’re intae that oul rack’n’roll
an’ i’ll only trust me saviour, boy, tae gently rock me soul.’