Lig do Scíth (Electronic Book 3 Year Licence)
£ 240.00

Lig do Scíth (Electronic Book 3 Year Licence)

(Electronic book) (2001)

This is a collection of 24 short stories (180 – 240 words) I wrote when teaching in St. Mac Nissi’s College, Garron Tower, Co. Antrim. They are based on the type of language being used in the class from week to week. So, there is a high level of word frequency to consolidate the language. It is in widespread use is schools and night classes.

There is also an electronic version of the book. In this version the reader can click on a phrase to listen to it as often as he/she likes. This version also contains a translation if required. This means that it can be used as a self-teaching aid or in a language laboratory or in the classroom situation. In each of these settings the learner can proceed at his/her own pace.

I wish to thank Foras na Gaeilge for funding this project.